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Leb Laze: Music for Troubled Machinery

Catalog: AKR213 • Cover Art: David Stith
Release date: March 29, 2011
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What started out as a total bummer–musical sketches and ideas hindered by a conked out machine–actually turned into an album. What you are hearing on Music for Troubled Machinery is the slow and unruly death of Leb Laze’s core production tool..the MPC 2000 (R.I.P). When this device begins to die it randomly “freezes” at any given moment, often times wiping out anything that has been created within its path. What is interesting though is when an MPC freezes it begins to uncontrollably spit out all of the sounds that are loaded within it in their raw and unedited form..over and over and over. This occurrence is like nothing I have ever heard. The machine begins to have a mind of its own.

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Leb Laze began to record and embrace these freakouts, using them as a basis for the majority of the songs on this album..adding to them, enhancing them and/or sculpting around them. Two shorter pieces, Revelations and Dial In/Dial Out were actually created entirely from these freakouts. Think of this record and, most importantly, these two tracks, as my MPC’s last words–a testament to the idea that the nonliving world is actually very much alive.