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Instruments of Science & Technology: Music for Paradise Armor

Catalog: AKR207 • Cover Art: David Stith
Release date: July 20, 2010
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Instruments of Science & Technology’s Richard Swift (born Ricardo Sigilfredo Olivarez Swift-Ochoa, 1977) is an artist who lives in the Northwest region on the United States of America. He’s made lots of different music.  He normally sings, but doesn’t at all on this recording. Music for Paradise Armor was made on varying recording mediums, such as a Tascam 4-track cassette player/recorder, an Otari 50/50 – 8-track half-inch recorder, a 16-track 2-inch machine constructed by Studer, and a computer made by Macintosh. There are a lot of what Swift calls “modern clickity-clacks” and “zzzoops s s s”, as well as the occasional “bleep bleep blaaaaap” found on this disc. These sounds apparently reflect our tech-centric lifestyle in the West.  We have magnet trains, remote control car door locks, and affordable robotic limbs, yet we still flush our toilets with drinking water. Guard yourself.

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