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InfinitiRock: Music for Primordial Recollection

Catalog: AKR214 • Cover Art: David Stith
Release date: March 29, 2011
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By day, InfinitRock is an 18 year old biology student at SUNY Purchase, by night a fuzzed glitch and fump hip-hop producer. In second grade he was digesting The RZA and Aphex Twin and has been making instrumentals since the age of six. As a son to parents from India, he would also hear a lot of classical indian music around the house and since he could not understand hindi, voices became instruments rather than a lyrical tool. His music reflects the conceptualization of sounds, and what makes music music and the world musical. InfinitiRock draws inspiration from the everyday, incorporating their sounds into his music. Music for Primordial Recollection contains a motif of sounds and rhythms that trigger ancient memories. Ambient layers and interludes featuring field recordings of wind chimes, children playing, glass breaking, the chewing of raw pasta, the crumpling of paper bags, and flowing water. The album is an auditory documentation of the evolution of entropic sound, tamed by the laws of rhythm. Everything breathes.

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