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Alfred Brown: Music for Moving in Slow Motion

Catalog: AKR216 • Cover Art: David Stith
Release date: April 24, 2012

Music for Moving in Slow Motion is about the slowing, halting, and reversing of the directional flow of linear time.   It is about the significance of the possibly infinite space that exists between any two instants.  It is about experiencing symmetrical time.  At some moments the proverbial arrow for a single event is subtly (or not so subtly) manipulated, while at others, multiple events are frozen and superimposed onto each other, creating a hyper-simultaneity out of what was once sequence, thereby eliminating it.   Time is treated as space, as an elastic solid that can be twisted and moved in any direction, and there is an attempt to find the smallest temporal unit, if it exists at all.

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Alfred Brown is a composer and audio engineer living in Buffalo, NY.


Alec Spiegelman: Rhodes
Alfred Brown: Guitars, Lamellophones, Voice, Electronics, Auxiliary Percussion, Ocarina, Harmonica, Piano, Chief Engineer
Ashley Chassé: Violin
Christopher McDonald: Glockenspiel
David Flaherty: Vibraphone
Eric Heveron-Smith: Baritone, Co-Engineer
Frank Wartinger: Cello, Co-Engineer
Hans Glick: Cello
Jeff Stewart: French Horn
Jeremy Thompson: Pedal Steel
John Valenti: Voice, Electronics, Miscellaneous Magic
Katherine Cogdill: Clarinet
Kim Tice: Accordion
Lazar Davis: Toy Piano
Leanne Hanson: Trombone
Page de Camara: Violin
Raymond Lam: Clarinet
Ryan Ledebur: Trombone, Tuba
Stephanie Glick: Violin
William Brown: Trumpet, French Horn

All Pieces composed by Alfred Brown.  Special Thanks to Select Sound Studios in Buffalo NY, Cuddle Magic, Einstein’s  Dreams ensemble, The Cosmonaut Union, and Dan Baker.  Extra-special thanks to Elizabeth Brown.