Asthmatic Kitty Records

Roberts & Lord

Remember MySpace? Rafter Roberts and Simon Lord sure do—they owe their new band to it. Well, sort of; this is a band that would’ve happened regardless, a collaboration constellationally fated, a thing bound to be born, and born to be fun. Earlier this year, former Simian member Lord was combing the interwebs for collaboration ideas. A click lead to a click which lead to a click onto a Rafter video and then a MySpace message was blasted off from Lord in London to Roberts in California. This “hella MySpace hookup,” as says Roberts, has blossomed into a full-length album, Eponymous. To best understand the duo’s debut, it’s necessary to look at the nature of the collaboration: The distorted, garage-y, electro backing music was recorded on a 4-track tape machine at Roberts’ studio. Next, Roberts sent the tracks to Lord, who recorded vocals and mailed ’em on back. The duality of these dancy art-pop jams, Roberts’ rough and grimy (yet complexly arranged) analog backing tracks paired with Lord’s clean, digitally-recorded vocals, gives the work a tricky kind of depth that is immediately engaging and, above all else, FUN. Eponymous will be released —— on Asthmatic Kitty Records.