This Saturday, February 23, a handful of non-musicians will have the opportunity to collaborate with Fol Chen on a new conceptual project, “You Will Be My Music.”

Starting at 4pm, the band will give four guests of L.A.’s Machine Project art and education space one hour each to create a new recording in a mobile studio. Layer by layer, the band will guide each volunteer through a ProTools session, overdubbing new vocals and other sounds onto his or her favorite pop song. At the end of the hour, the tracks containing the original song will be deleted, leaving only these new elements.

“You Will Be My Music” plays on the meaning of the word “cover,” first covering up a song with extraneous musical elements, then turning those elements into an uncanny cover version of the original.

This is only the most recent of Fol Chen’s workshops at the Machine Project. At one previous appearance, the band introduced the Tetrafol, a tetrahedron-shaped electronic instrument they helped create with the Monome interface design company. At another, the opening act for their performance was a lecture on the mating habits of sea slugs.

Information on how to participate in this session will soon become available on the Machine Project website,