The Welcome Wagon, consisting of Rev. T. Vito and Monique Aiuto, do play shows rather regularly and they are quite good. But, as life often does, the rigors of their chosen professions (Reverend, Stay-At-Home-Parent, respectively) often anchor them to their home camp in Brooklyn. 

But. Once in a while, when the season is right, and they look toward the sky and feel the pull of the wind and the push of the sea, The Welcome Wagon ventures out, onward, and westward from their abode in Kings County. The equinox is soon. They will venture out again and begin the short and significant journey from Charlottesville, to Louisville, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago, and then finish in Lancaster. Touring with them for a few of the shows is none other than Liz Janes, still fresh from her success of Say Goodbye and the recent release of Time & Space. It will be a good time for all involved. See details here.