Photo by FreaksAnon

The Unusual Animals series of events has spawned many mutations from its now year-old Austin ancestor, including species in Indianapolis, Houston, and Portland. Now a particularly strange variant will emerge from the warm cocoon of Louisville, Kentucky on April 5, at the 930 Gallery, 6:30pm.

One attribute that makes this particular Animal so abnormal is that it will incorporate an active pollination from the public at large. Along with the 930, we are requesting art from you or someone you know. You can read the call for entries here, but you only have until the 15th of March.

Attendance to this particular evolution will merit observations of music explorator Shedding, old-timey modern rockers The Town Criers, the non-android sound making of Squeeze-bot, and hip-kraut Ultra Pulverize.

Cost to this phenomenon is free, save perhaps what it wears away from your scientific assumptions.