Asthmatic Kitty Records


April 17th, 2010

Photo by Ivan Zuber

Here in the deep innards of Asthmatic Kitty Official Headquarters we see a lot of information: reports, numbers, charts, graphs, presentations, pdfs, docs, dox, docks and more numbers regarding music. Press reports, Soundscans, daily sales – it all comes through here.

But when we want to know what's really happening in music, we head to our local independent record store. This sounds like an advertisement and that's because it is. We love our local record stores, not only because they sell our music but because we buy  music from them.

Coincidentally, today (Saturday April 17th) is Record Store Day. If your plans today do not involve stopping by your local independent record shoppe, your plans are misshapen. We humbly advise changing them to include said record shoppe.

You can find one closest to you, and get more details about Record Store Day, right here. See you there!


April 18th, 2009

Today (Saturday, April 18th) is Record Store Day! That means that your local, independent record store is probably doing some pretty interesting stuff today, including in-store shows and giveaways and party hats (ie. DM Stith is at Bloomington, Indiana’s infamous Landlocked Music tonight at 6pm). So why are you sitting there reading this? Go already! And tell them "thanks a lot for existing guys!"

Details here, (or here to find a participating store near you).