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Photo by Lisa Fett

"Moose" (leadman for Jookabox) grew up on the east side of Indianapolis in the 90s, an area plagued by constant recession, pandemic homicide, and racial tension. This nervous energy has culminated into Jookabox’s second album: Dead Zone Boys. On November 3rd, we will release this love-story meets psychedelic zombie-musical to the masses.

We have listened to this work and have this say: we all need this album. It is nothing less than the definitive soundtrack to humanity’s last stand against decay and the dead. With a mic in one hand and shotgun in the other, Jookabox pushes through as troubador and protagonist to free the decayed city and its few outposed survivors from the fear of death. He is our protector, no need to lose hope.

Expect this one to quickly become a cult classic. Until November, enjoy "Phantom Don’t Go" for free, the bone-on-bone drumbeat opener to the album.

"Phantom Don’t Go" (Download)


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Grampall Jookabox is now Jookabox. Extensive focus group testing revealed that enjoyment of Grampall Jookabox in the ever-important 18-31 age demographic increases 3.2% when told they’re listening to Jookabox rather than Grampall Jookabox. Not only that, words take up paper and, these days, bandwidth. And those things take up environment. And, in the interest of environment (and focus group testing), David "Moose" Adamson has decided to buckle down and trim his bandname from Grampall Jookabox to Jookabox.

Needless to say, it was not a good Friday afternoon when Moose sat Grampall down and laid him off. But, it has freed up the resources to complete the fifth in the Unusual Animals vinyl series, and a free mixtape. Grampal…er…Jookabox occupies Side A of the 7", and Dosh Side B. Jared Chapman continues illustrating the cover art, this time employing the deceptively unusual Yellow Seahorse. Read details here.

To commemorate this change in ‘tude, Jookabox (now unshackled from the logistical wranglings of Grampall, who never would have approved of such freeness) has provided a free mixtape – 317 Ways. You can download it song by song, or the entire thing, right here.


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Here’s What To Do This Weekend (via our Twitter account): [Fri] I Heart Lung in Indianapolis at Harrison Center, Grampall Jookabox in Chicago at Links Hall. [Sat] I Heart Lung and DM Stith and Future Rapper in Bloomington, IN at Cinemat. [Sun] I Heart Lung and DM Stith in Chicago at Empty Bottle, Grampall Jookabox in Chicago at Links Hall.


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Grampall Jookabox is hitting the road, and by hitting, we mean pulverizing.  The two-drummer attack (yes, two drummers) will begin stateside and then threaten the cultural stability of Europe, or at least what is left of it. To launch the power-tour, Grampall Jookabox will be performing three nights in Chicago at Links Hall March 6-8. He’ll specifically be playing Treasure Hunt, an underground series of performances curated by Angeline Gragasin.  
Speaking of underground – congratulations to U2 on their latest release. But did anyone notice that Pitchfork reviewed it with a 4.2, and then the album showed up for sale on Amazon for $4? Hate to tell you Bono, but we already tried that. The critics aren’t so fond of it – note results (which include Moose of Grampall in an appropriately timed stimulus dollar-bill costume) here
See all of Grampall Jookabox’s tourdates right here , or buy tickets for Treasure Hunt at Links Hall here for $10. If you’d like to help us promote the Chicago shows, feel free to email your friends and email Bono of U2 this digital flyer by clicking here.


December 10th, 2008 , by

The great experiment has failed. Music critics universally panned our new Critic-Based Pricing Method. In response, we have abandoned the entire experiment, and will proceed for the foreseeable future with the traditional method of agreeing upon a fair market price with our artists for their work. We know it seems archaic, but it’s all we have to go on this point. Our in-house scientists are currently researching weather-based pricing, however.

Thank you for participating in our experiment. Perhaps the greatest lesson learned here is that irony and html make strange bedfellows.

Michael Kaufmann, our A&R, and frontman for Grampall Jookabox, Moose, re-entered into the studio today to shoot a music video that is as much commentary on the music industry as it is a guy dressed in a dollar bill dancing beside a guy standing on his head:


December 8th, 2008 , by

The record industry has reeled in the wake of Radiohead’s decision to sell their album at a price determined by the consumer. Likewise, we here at Asthmatic Kitty have also had many internal discussions on pricing and value. How much is our artists’ music worth anyway? Who gets to determine that?

Sure, there’s been a lot of focus on you, the people who buy the music. But while we were reading Pitchfork’s review of Grampall Jookabox’s new album, Ropechain, we started to wonder: who’s thinking about the music critics here? Everyone is looking to the consumer for guidance on pricing in an Internet-driven world, but don’t music reviewers deserve some attention?

Today we are officially experimenting with what we call the Critic-Based Pricing Structure. Instead of selling Ropechain for our standard  $10, or letting consumers pick their own price, we have let Pitchfork determine the price. Pitchfork gave Ropechain a 5.4. So, for the next 54 hours, Grampall Jookabox’s Ropechain album is available for just $5.40 (+S&H). That’s right, $5.40. Be part of this experiment by buying it. You can only participate using this link right here to get the CD. (update: experiment over!)

(Or, if you prefer the traditional pricing model, you can buy the LP for $12 here.)

We’re all pretty excited about this new way of determining value. In fact, the frontman of Grampall Jookabox, "Moose," and Asthmatic Kitty’s A&R, Michael Kaufmann, went into the studio to make a video to commemorate. Moose dances while dressed up as a dollar bill, and Michael headstands. It’s pretty wild and crazy. Watch it here, or by clicking more.

And thanks for inspiring us Pitchfork. We’re just glad we got to this idea before Radiohead released their next album.

Please enjoy these complimentary remix MP3s: Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Chap, and Nobody.:

  "Let’s Go (Remixed for Fantastic Mr. Fox)" (Download)
  "We Might Be Fucked (Grampall Jookabox v. The Chap)" (Download)
  "Ghost (Remixed by Nobody)" (Download)

Grampalll Jookabox – Let’s Go Mad from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.


October 30th, 2008 , by

Day 3 of week of Grampall Jookabox, thanks to the impending release of Ropechain.

If it were 1988 instead of 2008, and Grampall Jookabox had been born 20 years earlier, you might have been able to catch Jookabox’s Moose Adamson on your cable access channel around 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning.

Times have changed though, and while you can now watch his eclectic antics anytime and anywhere, his YouTube channel is tucked away in the obscure corners of its wide search tentacles. Well, no longer. World, meet the YouTubed Moose Adamson. View his videos here.

You can pick up the new album here.  On tour now!  See dates here.


October 29th, 2008 , by

The new Ropechain from Grampall Jookabox is as interactive an album as one can get. As you listen, you will dance. You will think. You will feel.

But in this day and age, sometimes you need a video game to earn the adjective, "Interactive." So, with the help of Internet Game Genius Tom Deslongchamp, we made one. We call it "Preggers." It’s easy enough: hurdle over babies to get money, then feed them bottles of milk, all set to the folk-stomp-beat of Grampall’s "Girl Ain’t Preggers" (note: this is not the first time "Girl Ain’t Preggers" has starred in a video game, cf. AudioSurf). Play "Preggers" here.

And enjoy! If you enjoy it a lot, you can use this not-so-interactive-but-animated gif, available here, to share the game with your Interactive friends. You can also preorder the CD here for $10 (+S&H), and/or the vinyl here for $12 (+S&H).


October 27th, 2008 , by

Ropechain, the second album from Grampall Jookabox is out next week. We love this album so much, we wish we could just send it to everyone. Unfortunately, that is prohibitively expensive.

Instead, we’re presenting a week of mutli-media, multi-format Grampall Jookabox. It starts today with this video of "The Girl Ain’t Preggers," and a new, free, MP3 from the album: "The One Thing." View the video above (or here at Vimeo), and download the MP3 here.

Enjoy this week of All Grampall Jookabox, all the time. For now, you can preorder the CD here for $10 (+S&H), and/or the vinyl here for $12 (+S&H).


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Photo by Aimee Brown

On November 4th, something very significant will happen: Grampall Jookabox will celebrate his first Asthmatic Kitty album (in association with Joyful Noise), Ropechain, and kick off a celebratory release tour. Moving through a landscape darkened by the shadows of financial convulsion and political warfare, Moose Adamson’s joyous supernatural street visions will refresh and reinvigorate weary hearts and minds.

Grampall Jookabox has already toured extensively, but this will be his official tour for Ropechain. And it will be good, we promise. He’ll start in Indianapolis with a release party at Radio Radio, then continue with Deer Tick (they’re reissuing the exquisite War Elephant on vinyl in November, by the way) to fourteen cities across the country, including Dallas, Austin, L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Chicago. See here for details.

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