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Our ever prolific Roberto Lange (Epstein and Helado Negro) has produced another amazing kinetic sculpture with artist David Ellis. Enjoy!


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Dear Friends. With all of last week's excitement we wanted to circle back and get in your ears the best way we know how – with music! And to that end we wanted to share with you Pasajero, Helado Negro's (a/k/a Roberto Carlos Lange) new EP, which is available for FREE download here! The album expands upon Helado Negro's musical palette and creates (in our opinion) a blissful affair of Latin textures coupled with Mr. Lange's patented delivery. We think it's pretty awesome and we hope you do too! In other news, Roberto will be performing a benefit show this Friday in support of Miami's Lotus House Women's Shelter. All proceeds will go directly to women and children in need so if you are hanging in southern Florida, swing by and show some love! Why? Because that's what it's all about.


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Our own Roberto C. Lange (aka Helado Negro, aka Epstein) collaborated with installation artist David Ellis to create this sculpture.


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Happy Quatro de Mayo. We know the party doesn't really start until tomorrow, but if you are really feeling ambitious you should get in the car and start driving now to Marfa Texas. By our calculations most of you reading this should be able to make it in time to see Roberto Lange perform at the 3rd Annual Marfa Film Festival under his moniker Helado Negro at the Liberty Hall. Following the screenings of Soy Mi Madre and Parque Vi at the Crowley Theater, attendees will make the pilgrimage to Liberty Hall where the festivities will officially begin, Helado Negro performing with visuals by Jonathan Dueck. Other notables, aside from one of the most incredible contemporary art collections on the planet, include the world premiere screening of Lou Reed's film Red Shirley and a screening of new work by Fol Chen friendly and former music video contributor Kelly Sears.

Before you begin your drive, take time to download this free mixtape courtesty of the folks over at Amo Descubrir Canciones. The mix includes a whole host of amazing new latin music, including our own Helado Negro.


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Allmusic gave Awe Owe, the debut album from Helado Negro, four stars out of five, saying it "holds together wonderfully, offering an immediately engaging listening experience that only gets richer with each listen." am New York filed the album under "intriguing equatorial melange of fluttering computer loops, dusty field samples and live instrumentation."

But while Awe Owe has embedded itself into the sweaty subconsciousness of the summer of 2009, Roberto C. Lange, the man behind the vision of Helado Negro, is not content to let it all sit and swelter. Now that fall looms, it’s time to move to stay warm. He  is going on tour this Thursday, with a journey that starts in Pittsburgh, weaves through the South, and then ends in Balitmore. He’ll be touring with avant garde composer Jason Ajemian, making for a not-to-be-missed pairing. Details on the tour are here.

Follow Helado Negro on tour via his shiny new tumblr blog here. You can see a new video directed by Ojera above, or on YouTube right here.


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On Saturday the 22nd of August, Helado Negro (aka Roberto C. Lange) will leave his home in Brooklyn and take some kind of extended transportation device to Queens. There, he and his comrades will begin on a great micro-journey across the five boroughs of America’s City. If you live in NYC, you should definitely catch at least one of these in your homeborough. Details are here.

And if you were amazed by the striking, stark simplicity of Helado Negro’s last video (view here), then you’ll love this new video directed by Falcon Hawksome. View it above, or here.


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In celebration of the release of Awe Owe on August 4th, Helado Negro will take a week long tour of the five boroughs of New York. Yes. You read that correctly. Go back and reread if necessary. All. Five. Boroughs. As far as we know, this tremendous feat has only been accomplished by 50 Cent. Until now.

Starting off in Queens, Helado Negro will bring their perfectly-timed-to-late-summer sounds to each of the City’s boroughs, concluding the tour with a ride on the Staten Island Ferry to play on the mysteriously floating borough itself. Helado Negro will consist of Roberto C. Lange (voice, guitars, etc.), Jason Ajemian (percussion), Isaac Lekach (guitar, voice and vibes), Jason Trammell (drums), Oliver Chapoy (guitar), Jon Philpot (voice and percusion) and Shannon Fields (guitars, etc.). The motley crew will then Escape from New York (sans Chapoy and Philpot) and take their music to the southeastern portion of the United States. This powerhouse band includes members of Savath & Savalas, Yeasayer, Stars Like Fleas, Guy Fantastico, and Born Heller. Details are here.

While on tour, Roberto Lange will meet up with painter/kinetic sculptor David Ellis in Charlottesville at the Bridge to score a new sculpture by Ellis. Learn more about the opening night for this exhibition here. For trivia nerds (hey that’s us too!) Ellis helped out on an amazing new music video for the vastly bearded Helado Negro, which you can see here.

While we have your attention focused on Helado Negro, download the new remix by Leb Laze of Helado Negro’s "I Wish". Leb-Laze sublets the original and does a little redecorating while his walkman jams So So Def deep cuts and his dog Atomic starts pulling things out of the cupboards.

"I Wish (Leb Laze Tramp Stamp Remix)" (Download)


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On August 8th, we will release Awe Owe, the debut album from Helado Negro (aka Roberto C. Lange). Until then, Roberto is keeping us busy trying to catch up.

First there’s the video, above. Directors Chris Keohane and David Ellis shot it with an SLR still camera in Roberto’s Brooklyn apartment under smoldering lights. They composited these with excerpts from Ellis’s Droptet series, and set it all to the cautionary Helado Negro song "Dahum." We think the results are well worth the sweat and work. View the HD version here.

In other "Dahum"-related news, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and Tigerbeat6/Sonig recording artist Nathan Michel has created his own take on the song with this fantastic remix. Check out the Nathan Michel remix of "Dahum" here.

There’s also the mini-album #TuiteroRoto, which literally means "broken tweeter." It also is a way for Roberto to experiment with the limitations of brevity. He is posting an MP3 track of less than 30 seconds via the modern epitome of shortform, Twitter, several times a week until complete.  Follow its construction here on Twitter.

And finally, in collaboration with Brooklyn musician and occasional Yeasayer drummer Jaytram, Roberto has put together "Falling Down," a mixtape designed to turn you onto a feeling as you listen and not just the mixtape’s music. Roberto calls this a "Monday-Friday" mix and requests that you break it up throughout the workweek. Download it by clicking here.

And yes! We have opened up preorders for Awe Owe. Click here for the CD ($10) and here for the LP ($12).


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Photo by Kristi Sword

For those of you in the New York area, be sure to catch the debut performance of Helado Negro at the Sycamore on June 12th, featuring Roberto Lange on various instruments and vocals, Nathan Michel on percussion, Isaac Lekach on guitars and vocals, Joe Stickney on drums, and Oliver Chapoy on guitar and bass. Get more info here.

If you are looking for some tunes to kick off your summer lounging we recommend you head over to and grab Roberto Lange’s and Jaytram’s Elastic Island mix. Read and listen here.

Not one to be satisfied by the soundless and at times lifeless 140 characters of the twitter format, Helado Negro has hijacked the twitter-waves to offer up an ongoing series of "musical tweets". #TuiteroRoto is a collection of 30 second soundbites to accent your twitter experience. Be it My Brightest Diamond ticket giveaways, I Heart Lung tour economics, Future Rapper’s…well, whatever it is that Future Rapper does, there are plenty of great reasons to follow our artists as well as the label on the old twitterbox.

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