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If the phrase Gatefold Sleeve and Matte Finish mean anything to you, or you love Half-Handed Cloud like we do, then you’ll want to know that as of today, The Seven Inch Project has released his six-song Winding Currents on a Spool EP as a hand-numbered vinyl pressing in a limited edition of 500. For those of you with turn-tables in storage, MP3’s are included with each purchase. You can only buy these gems from the Seven Inch Project website, or from John of Half-handed Cloud at one of his upcoming shows (details here) when he opens for Why? this weekend.

Speaking of Why? – Half-handed Cloud recorded a multi-part cover of Why? songs for the US version of their Hollows 12" single. You can find-out more information and pre-order this vinyl on Anticon’s website here.


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Half-Handed Cloud is all around these days, so there’s only one good way to do this. Close your eyes for a moment, then envision an Indiana Jones style map of musicography, with John Ringhofer of HHC traveling to and fro leaving little red lines tracing his steps.

Now read this (you might have to open your eyes again):

Start at the record label Happy Happy Birthday to Me, where HHC has left a brand new song entitled, "Couple Kings Close the Road on a Giant, part 1." The compilation is only $10, and features many artists including Red Pony Clock, Keith John Adams, the Melody Function, and Men in Fur. Order it here before the limited press runs dry.

Now, draw a red line from there to the Northwest U.S., where HHC is mini-touring with Olympia Washington’s very own hand-clapping-pop band Lake. Stops include Oakland, Arcata, Olympia, Bellingham, Seattle, and of course the Portland Unusual Animals party.  See the dates here, and read more about the party at this news item.

Ok. Cue dramatic John Williams travel music and chart another line from there to the Seven Inch Project, where HHC has created a wonderful and rare artifact, a six-song, 7" vinyl, complete with gatefold sleeve. The 7" hasn’t transpired yet for wide consumption, but if you wait for a bit (and dodge the swinging axes and poison arrow darts) you can order it here.

Tired?  HHC isn’t!  John is covering a medley of WHY? songs for a new WHY? single on Anticon Records due out in November. Visit Anticon’s website often for details.

To Sounds Familyre, HHC heads next, to pen this tale for perusal by the the readers of blogs everywhere. And, yes, his story does involve poison and Scots!

And finally, one last thick red line to home! HHC is adding to the Unusual Animals Vinyl Series here on Asthmatic Kitty with a 7", split right now its vinyl center with the West Coast’s post-angst Ariel Pink. Watch this space for further information.

To be continued . . .!


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Think things are quiet on the Half-Handed Cloud front?  We’re about to prove you wrong, with only three fingers. No wait, four fingers!

ONE: John Ringhofer, the brains and brawn behind the band, just drew a gorgeous rendition of the current HHC lineup which you see previewed above. You can click here to see it in all its Flickr glory here.

TWO: Californians, you can stop your letter writing campaign to get HHC to play again in the Golden State. They’ll be playing in the Anticon Records showcase at The Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on May 18, at Swarm Gallery on May 31 and at Mama Buzz on June 10 in Oakland. Hoosiers, begin letter writing campaign!

THREE: Half-Handed Cloud has a new song entitled "Bees Baked a Loaf for Me (or Flour from Flowers?)" on a compilation from Italian record label My Honey.  It’s good! Very beezy! Information to purchase is on their website.

FOUR: We checked our mail the other day and nestled in between the grocery coupons, bills, and flyers for the weekend fish fry was a nice package of 150 copies of Half-Handed Cloud’s limited edition I’m So Sheepy EP! Beautifully crafted and printed by Jonathan Dueck, these 150 discs deserve good homes.  Say, your home looks nice! Buy it here for only $7 plus shipping.


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Tyrone Davies of loaf-i productions conjured up this magical video of Half-Handed Cloud’s "Feed Your Sheep a Burning Lamp," from Halos & Lassos. Thanks Tyrone!


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Using the crystal clear, bi-directional technology of the Landline Telephone, Half-Handed Cloud will be performing on WMBR 881.FM‘s Phoning It In: Boston, the Radio Show, on January 11, at 7:30pm EST. For the show, Half-Handed Cloud will employ the soothing voice of John Ringhofer, as well as his esteemed guitar and piano prowess.Though always pathbreaking, John will nevertheless be following in the footsteps of the many esteemed musicians that have appeared on Phone It In, including our very own Castanets.

And just because WMBR is recording the show via telephone, no such device is required for listening! If in the Boston area, a radio (quartz or otherwise) tuned to 88.1FM will suffice. No radio?  No air for radio waves to travel over? No problem! "Tune" your favorite Internet World Wide Web browser here at that same time to hear the performance – live!

Once done live(d?), WMBR will archive the performance here, for the future generations that still have internet access after the ice caps flood all continents but Australia.  

[WMBR 88.1FM]
[Castanets on Phoning It In]
[Phoning It In Archive]
[Phoning It in on MySpace]


November 27th, 2006 , by

photo by Sufjan Stevens

John Ringhofer (aka Half-handed Cloud), man of many hats, has performed with wind-up sheep, coke-bottle glasses, felted panoramas, and as a cheerleader and militia man (for Sufjan Stevens), to name a few. He plays guitar, banjo, trombone, trumpet, and melodion, sometimes while chewing an apple! Is there anything he can’t do? This month, Mr. Ringhofer tries on a new outfit (military musketeers style, hearts on sleeve) playing bass guitar in the grand and spirited Danielson with the strange and visionary Daniel Smith in the driver’s seat. They are playing all throughout Europe! This will be a tour to remember! Please come out and sing, clap, and dance in support of our road-weary friends as they travel the world bringing you the fruits of rock and roll.

Thur. Nov. 23rd  Brussels, Belgium – AB-Box  w/ Woven Hand
Fri. Nov. 24th  Antwerp, Belgium – Trix  w/ The Long Winters
Sat. Nov. 25th  Liège, Belgium  – L’Escalier
Sun. Nov. 26th  Lille, France – La Malterie
Mon. Nov. 27th  Brighton, England – Komedia
Tue. Nov. 28th  Bristol, England – Thekla
Wed. Nov. 29th Manchester, England – Klondyke Club
Thu. Nov. 30th Glasgow, Scotland – King Tuts   w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Fri. Dec. 1st Hull, UK – The Adelphi Club   w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Sat. Dec. 2nd Nottingham England – The Social w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Sun. Dec. 3rd  London England – The Luminaire w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Mon. Dec. 4th Rouen, France – L’Emporium w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Tue. Dec. 5th  Paris, France – La Maroquinerie   w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Wed. Dec. 6th Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
Thu. Dec. 7th  Utrecht, Netherlands – Theater Kikker w/ JL
Fri. Dec. 8th Darmstadt Germany-Oetinger Villa w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Sat. Dec. 9th  St. Gallen, Switzerland – Palace   w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Sun. Dec. 10th Dudingen Switzerland  Bad Bonn w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Mon. Dec. 11th Lyon, France  Grrrnd Zero w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Tue. Dec. 12th  Barcelona, Spain – La 2   w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Wed. Dec. 13th  Bilbao, Spain – Azkena   w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Thu. Dec. 14th  Bordeaux, France Son’art w/ Jeffrey Lewis
Fri. Dec. 15th Den Haag Netherlands – State X New Forms w/ Sonic Youth


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John Ringhofer, the brains and brawn behind Half-Handed Cloud, has released a new single on Sanitary Records. But instead of employing unreliable digital technology like iPods or mp3s, which you might accidentally forget to backup, or which you may or may not own, or may or may not be sued for owning, John has instead opted to provide this single on quality Chromium2 Tape (aka CASSETTE) as part of Sanitary Records retro-revolutionary Cassingle series.  Anyone ever hear of the RIAA while listening to that $90 yellow Sport-Walkman?  Exactly. Maybe Older is the New Newer.

Of course, while you’re checking out Half-Handed Cloud’s Cassingle, make sure you order #5, which features our very own The Curtains.And not only is John shunning Digitalia with music, but also with speech. Sure, he has a new-fangled web-log with which he uses to communicate with the Intertubes. But he talks to people too, using his vocal chords, as demonstrated by two witty and informative pieces. In one discussion with the sfist, John reveals that he’s reading a book by a Swissman that loves his knickers, and at The Other Journal, interviewers Josh Golden and Chris Keller manage to tease out John’s long repressed summer camp memories.

Of course, if you don’t want to mosey off the AK-Ranch just quite yet but feel a hankering for some HHC-action, check out John’s newest sidebar post, which includes 103% more waffles than a cassette or an interview.


March 27th, 2006 , by

We are pleased to announce that Half-handed Cloud and Liz Janes (with free-jazz collective Create(!)) will begin a mid-west tour this week.  They will be playing 10 dates including shows with Parker Paul, Scout Niblett, Singleman Affair, Everything Now!, and This Story.  See tour dates for more specifics.
Liz will be touring in support of her recent EP, Liz Janes &
Create(!), which beautifully reinterpreted public domain songs,
delicately but radically recontextualizing these traditionals into
realms of contemplation and experimentation.

Half-handed Cloud will be touring in support of his brand new full-length, Halos & Lassos.  With Omnichord in hand, Half-handed Cloud will be bringing his electro-pop psalms to the midwest and beyond as he continues on after touring with Liz Janes to cover a good portion of the United States.


March 7th, 2006 , by

Armed with the psalms of David, an acoustic guitar, and the electronic Omnichord, Half-handed Cloud assails nineteen new pop songs outside Eden’s gates on Halos & Lassos. With hints of fitness music and video game soundtracks, Halos & Lassos tromps through 19 songs like a mostly-sunny afternoon in Berkeley, California-home of bandleader John Ringhofer. With the modal purity of Moondog, symphonic elements of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue,” and the ancient art of punning, the album boasts pop melodies arranged around the ambidextrous Omnichord-a vintage 80’s kidney-shaped electronic auto-harp/drum machine/synthesizer.

Click here to read more info and purchase!


October 20th, 2005 , by

“WHAT’S THE REMEDY? – EP,” 5 songs recorded and embellished by Dr./Mr./Master/Professor Sufjan Stevens: Many years ago, Sufjan Stevens and Half-handed Cloud’s John Ringhofer got together in Dan Smiths parents’ basement–not to play table tennis–but to record five of John’s songs, which were about some funny things: medicine and tablets and letters and graves. At first glance, Sufjan thought, on no! John’s really gotten into this rock star lifestyle, LSD, drug use, psychedelic prose poems, motion sickness, hospitalization, etc.

He should be worried, yes? Well, it turns out, he was all wrong. John Ringhofer doesn’t even take Aspirin! The kid drinks a gallon of water a day. He does 55 sit-ups. He parts his hair to the side. The songs, it turns out, were about much greater, eternal things. You know, things like Friendship, Kinship, Sons and Fathers, and Broken Promises, and Reconciliation, etc. John does all the great things he does so well–and he wrote and played most of the instruments while Sufjan pressed the record button. Sufjan also plays some drums, some piano, some recorders, some banjo, some guitar. The songs add up to the shortest musical epic in recorded history. An entire mini-series that fits on a 7-inch! This is also the first 7-inch released by Asthmatic Kitty, featuring glorious prints by John Ringhofer, a self-portrait with a bloody gash on his chin. Oh gross, we like it! We like it!

Title: What’s the Remedy? EP (on 7-inch vinyl)
Track listing:
We’re not getting well
Took your tablets
I got a letter
Ten Commandments Tombstone
Here’s a List

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