A couple of weeks ago, we released Sweaty Magic, an EP from Rafter that has kept us shaking our boots and booties since we first heard it. Now, we know EPs get a bad rap sometimes. But trust us, this gem is worth it.

Or don’t trust us. Trust other people. Pitchfork reviewed it yesterday: "Songs ooze with sleazy sensuality . . . its clattering beats and madcap synths ride a propulsive rhythm that fulfills his goal of shameless danceability."

Paul Zimmerman over at First Coast News writes that "Sweaty Magic is short and sweet and a fantastic sweat inducing dance beast from the electro netherworld."  The fact that this is a "mere" EP getting you down?  Cokemachineglow would beg to differ: "This may find itself more often reached for than anything so self-consciously legitimate as a ‘real’ album."

Finally, Some guy on iTunes perhaps said it best: "This is delicious cereal pop with sugar stars!" Buy the EP from us for $6 (+S&H) and listen to a few mp3s here, or from iTunes here.

!!!: Oh, by the way, we’re still running a $1000 contest for this EP. Details here (tell your Wall Street friends!).