Sufjan Stevens at The Tivoli – Brisbane Australia 30th Jan 2011 – Photo by StephenBooth

Do you remember 2006? That was the year we lost contact with Pioneer 10, Italy won their fourth FIFA World Cup, and No 5, 1948 by Jackson Pollock became the most expensive painting ever sold. Good times!

It was also the last time Sufjan set foot in Europe as a touring musician. And this year  (is it already 2011?) he will do so again, landing first in Norway, moving to Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, the UK, Ireland, Holland, Italy, and finishing in Spain and Portugal. 
Sufjan has toured the US, Australia, and New Zealand and the shows involved gratuitous amounts of dancing, neon gaffe tape, balloons, and DM Stith (in the US anyway). We imagine this tour will be more of the same, in a very, very good way. And yes, our own DM Stith will open!
We hope you can go. Tour dates and buy links are here.