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  • Lily & Madeleine Blue Blades Acoustic Sessions

    Taking a selection of songs from their latest LP, Fumes, Lily & Madeleine have recorded acoustic versions for their new EP, Blue Blades. More info...

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  • Lily & Madeleine Fumes

    As the sisters have grown as people and artists, so has their sound evolved. The scope is broadened here. The music is expansive, the instrumentation multi-layered. This is an entrancing production that allows both singers to stretch out in new directions. More info...

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  • Lily & Madeleine Lily & Madeleine (Acoustic Sessions)

    Go back to the beginning, when it was just a piano, guitar and two undiscovered voices. This stripped down form lends itself to the elegance and power of sister’s, Lily & Madeleine Jurkiewicz, dynamic voices. More info...

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  • Lily & Madeleine Lily & Madeleine

    Like truth, beauty resides in simplicity. When it manifests itself, it doesn’t require elaborate arguments or proofs; you can’t debate someone into apprehending it. It’s apparent and all it requires is appreciation, or perhaps even love. Such are the songs of Lily & Madeleine. More info...

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  • Lily & Madeleine The Weight of the Globe

    Thanks to Lily & Madeleine's spare and direct poetic language there's nothing calculated about The Weight of the Globe. As sincere as it is precociously sophisticated, it marks the auspicious debut of a strikingly talented musical family. More info...

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