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  • Julianna Barwick Matrimony Remixes

    The Matrimony Remixes takes Julianna Barwick’s acclaimed early 2011 release, The Magic Place, and puts two of its tracks into the hands of good friends. More info...

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  • Julianna Barwick The Magic Place

    Allow the album to cycle back to the first track and you'll see this is just a great glass ring spinning in the void, two arms joined in embrace, a homespun mantra and—in the end, and at the beginning—a circular journey. More info...

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  • Julianna Barwick Florine

    Julianna Barwick’s experimental soundscapes are in part informed by her experience growing up in Louisiana and Missouri, singing weekly with her church congregation and school choirs. Her loop-based compositions replicate the soaring textures of a large choral group using only her voice, a loop station and some occasional instrumentation. Barwick starts her songs quietly, usually […] More info...

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