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  • Shannon Stephens Something Good

    Something Good came about like this: Shannon Stephens was wondering, "What if I let the band handle their own arrangements on a recording?" More info...

  • Shannon Stephens Pull it Together

    The result of Shannon's new approach in album-making is a gritty, fluid, and more accessible record than her previous work. Call it pragmatic pop: optimism balanced with the sharp-edged reality of life in 2012. More info...

    • CD 10.00
    • LP 15.00
  • Shannon Stephens Shannon Stephens

    Produced by Stephens and her former Marzuki band-mates Sufjan Stevens and Matt Haseltine in 2000, this superb collection of Shannon's own songs includes contributions by Marzuki cellist Jamie Kempkers, Kenny Hutson (Vigilantes of Love) on pedal steel guitar, Mews and Mews Too contributors Roman Bolks and Jason Brouwer, and folk mainstay Jason Harrod. More info...

    • CD 10.00
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  • Shannon Stephens The Breadwinner T-Shirt (Black)

    Shannon Stephens is a Seattle-based singer/songwriter.  She began her career in 1993 as the voice of the Michigan folk-rock band Marzuki, co-led by Sufjan Stevens.  When Marzuki disbanded, Stephens moved to Seattle and embarked on a solo career. Shortly after the release of her debut LP, she lost her taste for the business side of […] More info...

    • T-Shirt $14.00
  • Shannon Stephens The Breadwinner

    Crouching in her backyard garden, Shannon Stephens is poised for greatness. Although she ran from music for almost a decade, she’s not hiding now. More info...

    • CD 10.00
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