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  • AKR411_900

    DM Stith Spirit Ditch EP

    To commemorate DM Stith’s first US tour, Asthmatic Kitty released a limited edition one-sided LP featuring three exclusive recordings from Stith, as well as songs from tourmates Inlets and Silje Nes. More info...

    • LP 10.00
  • AKR071_900

    DM Stith Heavy Ghost Appendices

    Heavy Ghost Appendices revisits the secret world of Heavy Ghost and adds to its cartography a series of hidden coves, unexplored forests, and new landscapes. More info...

  • AKR067_900

    DM Stith Braid of Voices

    The third in a series of EPs, Braid of Voices EP further explores the sounds and influences of DM Stith through a collection of remixes, a cover, a collaboration and a reworking. More info...

    • iTunes 5.94 Buy
  • AKR063_900

    DM Stith Thanksgiving Moon

    The second in a series of three EPs, Thanksgiving Moon EP starts with the original demo that was the first to be recorded for DM Stith's debut album Heavy Ghost. More info...

    • iTunes $6.93 Buy
  • dmstith

    DM Stith Heavy Ghost – T-Shirt (Smoke)

    David Stith comes from a musical family: his father is a college wind ensemble director and former church choir director; his grandfather is professor emeritus in the music department at Cornell University; his mother is a pianist; his sisters sing opera, play piano, tap dance, play timpani and are excellent soft ball players. David Stith […] More info...

    • T-shirt + MP3 $14.00
  • AKR061_900

    DM Stith BMB

    A seven song release and the first in a trilogy of EP’s derived from Stith's debut album Heavy Ghost. More info...

    • iTunes 6.93 Buy
  • AKR044_900

    DM Stith Heavy Ghost

    David Stith’s ethereal voice communicates the unfathomable—mysticism, the commingling of water and fire, waking dreams, spiritual torment—with such reckless abandon that is rarely seen in many albums, let alone a debut work. More info...

    • CD 10.00
    • LP 18.00
  • AKR060_900

    DM Stith Pity Dance

    "Pity Dance and Suzanne seem to me to sing to one another, both exploring the tension of struggling for strength in intimacy, Suzanne from the perspective of the oppressor, Pity Dance, from the oppressed; Suzanne looking forward, Pity Dance looking back." More info...

  • AKR054_900

    DM Stith Curtain Speech

    The music on the EP redefines the listener's sense of space—David's voice alternates between a bawdy cavalcade of shouts and wails, a near whisper, soaring lyrical falsettos, and clouds of ethereal choral effects. More info...