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  • Shapes and Sizes Candle to Your Eyes

    Cohesive and reliable, this is the record where Shapes and Sizes becomes a band, not just a collection of songwriters. More info...

    • CD $10.00
  • Shapes and Sizes Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner

    Split Lips is a second move for the band. It is guided and on the mark, etching a continent-long mural from points A to B. Shapes and Sizes is probably out somewhere between those points at this very moment, thinking and singing. More info...

    • CD $10.00
    • LP $15.00
  • Shapes and Sizes Shapes and Sizes

    Shapes and Sizes new self-titled debut album brings together an unlikely assortment of sounds. Placing smart, catchy pop hooks beside chaotic experimentation, beside slower, more melancholy songs, and even flirting with straight up rock, the quartet juggles affects with ease. More info...

    • CD $8.00
  • Shapes and Sizes Shapes and Sizes T-Shirt

    Shapes and Sizes eponymous debut saw the band in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. With fresh, keen faces, this island town was a perfect place for the band to spread its roots. Shapes and Sizes quickly became entrenched in Victoria’s music scene. With fortified optimism, they embarked on a nine week tour of the United States […] More info...

    • T-Shirt $8.00