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  • AKR349_900

    Trumans Water You Are in the Line of Fire and They Are Shooting at You

    Originally released on Homesleep in 2003, You Are in the Line of Fire and They Are Shooting at You included special guests Todd Barnes, Pall Jenkins, Larry Lilvick, Dylan Rice-Leary, Caroline Branstetter, Marcel Lavergne, Jude Galloway and Cherry. More info...

  • AKR350_900

    Trumans Water Trumans Water

    Originally released on Emperor Jones and Delboy in 2001, this self-titled release was mostly recorded by Greg Paul at Herbert House. More info...

  • AKR351_900

    Trumans Water Fragments of a Lucky Break

    Originally on vinyl by Infinite Chug and CD on Emperor Jones in 1998, Fragments of a Lucky Break was mostly recorded by Greg Paul at the Herbert House in 1997 and was mastered by Ryan Foster. More info...

  • AKR352_900

    Trumans Water Apistogramma

    Originally released in 1997 by JME/EL, this album documents Trumans Water as a three piece with the Branstetter brothers and Kevin Cascell on drums. More info...

  • AKR353_900

    Trumans Water Action Ornaments

    Originally released in 1996 by Runt Records, Action Ornaments was recorded by Brendan Bell with Luke Hollywood's 8-track in various Portland basements, then later mixed by Greg Paul and Trumans Water at the Herbert House and mastered by Ryan Foster and Trumans Water at Super Digital. More info...

  • AKR354_900

    Trumans Water The Peel Sessions

    At the request of the legendary John Peel himself, this collection of songs were recorded in a variety of places and times and includes appearances of the various pantheon of Trumans Water drummers, Will Prentice on Bulgarian pipes, Dean Pritchard on exhaust pipe, and covers of Sun City Girls and Nation of Ulysses. More info...

  • AKR348_900

    Trumans Water Schists and Schisms

    Trumans Water: the band history retains mystery. That’s a telling achievement here in the 21st Century’s second decade. L’information ain’t what it used to be. Curriculum vitae; elusive back-story; shadowy career arc; hard-won cumulative ‘n’ contextualizing data: specify, Google it — just a Wiki click away, eh? Even TW’s maddeningly scattered discography can be had. Notably, said list […] More info...

  • AKR073_900

    Trumans Water O Zeta Zunis

    O Zeta Zunis is a cohesive foursome ripping confidently, a few slowed-up passages helping to accentuate the melodic riff-drive of “Last Time” or the balls-out whizz-bang of “Greased Water,” the twitchy-catchy frolic of “5-7-10 Split” or the rubbery buzz-chug of “You Live Out Loud.” Nice. More info...

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