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  • AKR003_900

    Sufjan Stevens Enjoy Your Rabbit

    Departing from the singer-songwriter format of his first Asthmatic Kitty album, A Sun Came, this collection of fourteen colorful instrumental compositions combines Sufjan's noted gift for melody with electronic sounds to create an unusually playful and human- not to mention humane- electronic experience. More info...

    • CD 10.00
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    • LP 16.00
    • LP 30.00
  • AKR005_900

    Liz Janes Done Gone Fire

    Done Gone Fire is the debut album by San Diego singer Liz Janes. Emerging out of the Northwest punk improv scene, her maniacal but intimate blues style is set against eclectic arrangements that eschew standard blues conventions. More info...

    • CD $8.00
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  • AKR002_900

    Half-handed Cloud Learning About Your Scale

    Originally released by Corner Room Records, the reissue of multi-instrumentalist John Ringhofer's crazy quilt collection of divinely-inspired miniatures, together with his recent appearance at the Cornerstone Festival's New Band Showcase (July, 2001), is certain to delight all seekers of the fresh and different. More info...

    • CD 10.00
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  • 51o7wPMyshL._SS500_

    Viva Voce Lovers Lead the Way

    More info...

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