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  • AKR088 Cover Art 2000x2000

    Hermas Zopoula sauve par sa grace

    “Saved by His Grace:” as the title implies, the completion of Hermas Zopoula’s new album was a miracle. More info...

    • Cassette 6.00
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  • AKR014_900

    Sufjan Stevens Illinois: Special 10th Anniversary Blue Marvel Edition

    Special Blue Marvel 10th anniversary edition of Sufjan's Illinois. More info...

  • AKR344 Cover Art_cover

    My Brightest Diamond I Had Grown Wild

    The culminating EP in a series of MBD releases. More info...

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  • AKR360 - lily_and_madeleine_blue_blades_cover

    Lily & Madeleine Blue Blades Acoustic Sessions

    Taking a selection of songs from their latest LP, Fumes, Lily & Madeleine have recorded acoustic versions for their new EP, Blue Blades. More info...

    • MP3
    • iTunes 4.99 Buy
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  • AKR099 Cover

    Sufjan Stevens Carrie & Lowell

    Sufjan Steven's new beautiful solitary and rich record filled with faith and disbelief and the resurrection of trust and dreams. More info...

    • CD 10
    • LP 13
    • Cassette 7
    • iTunes 9.99 Buy
    • MP3 10 Buy
  • AKR103 2000x2000

    My Brightest Diamond This Is My Hand

    This Is My Hand is a bold chapter in the unfurling MBD story. Its exploration of music and its rhythmic urgency escort Shara's chamber-music aesthetic out of the chamber and back into the dance hall and rock bar. More info...

    • CD 10.00
    • LP 14.00
    • LP 14.00
    • iTunes 9.99 Buy
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  • AKR128_Lily_and_Madeleine_Fumes

    Lily & Madeleine Fumes

    As the sisters have grown as people and artists, so has their sound evolved. The scope is broadened here. The music is expansive, the instrumentation multi-layered. This is an entrancing production that allows both singers to stretch out in new directions. More info...

    • CD 10.00
    • LP 12.00
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  • AKR357 Cover Art Lily_and_Madeleine_Acoustic_Sessions_EP_2000

    Lily & Madeleine Lily & Madeleine (Acoustic Sessions)

    Go back to the beginning, when it was just a piano, guitar and two undiscovered voices. This stripped down form lends itself to the elegance and power of sister’s, Lily & Madeleine Jurkiewicz, dynamic voices. More info...

    • MP3 4.00
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  • AKR120 DIGITALCOVER_HeladoNegro_DoubleYouth_AKR120

    Helado Negro Double Youth

    Double Youth is a spiritual long-lost cousin to the great masters of funk, like Parliament, Prince, and George Duke, whose finely tuned beats married the ear with the body in new ways. More info...

    • CD 10
    • Cassette 8
    • iTunes 9.90 Buy
  • Cover art by Matt Hale.

    Castanets Decimation Blues

    Decimation Blues is the music of a man who’s learned to live and build among the wreckage—twelve seemingly offhand, secretly meticulous tracks that we can hunker down in. More info...

    • CD 10
    • LP 14
  • sampler471

    Asthmatic Kitty Spring Sampler 2014

    Born in 1999, Asthmatic Kitty Records was originally conceived as a platform for musical projects by a community of artists from Holland, Michigan, a small city on the shore of Lake Michigan. Some were Holland natives, and others had come to attend local colleges and universities. While the original Holland nucleus has now dispersed to […] More info...

  • AKR343-Cover-Art

    My Brightest Diamond None More Than You

    The more influences My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden absorbs from the world around her, the less she sounds like anybody else. More info...

    • EP 12.00
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