Ok, read over this list of cities carefully: Salt Lake, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Pontiac, Buffalo. Read them again. Do you live in or within non-carbon-emitting-distance of any of those cities? Well, this just happens to your lucky week pal.

Between now and the 30th, Cryptacize is stopping by one of those cities. Their new album Mythomania becomes a reality in April, but we’ll bet our company farm they’ll be playing songs from it. That means you can tell your friends you heard them first. They’re touring with Ariel Pink’s HAUNTED GRAFFITI, which gives you another reason to go to the show. Extensive details here.

Not near or in one of those cities? Is ok. Read their blog for Cryptacize antics and hijinks to hold you over until the album appears.

Cryptacize, "Tail and Mane" (Download)