Half-Handed Cloud is all around these days, so there’s only one good way to do this. Close your eyes for a moment, then envision an Indiana Jones style map of musicography, with John Ringhofer of HHC traveling to and fro leaving little red lines tracing his steps.

Now read this (you might have to open your eyes again):

Start at the record label Happy Happy Birthday to Me, where HHC has left a brand new song entitled, "Couple Kings Close the Road on a Giant, part 1." The compilation is only $10, and features many artists including Red Pony Clock, Keith John Adams, the Melody Function, and Men in Fur. Order it here before the limited press runs dry.

Now, draw a red line from there to the Northwest U.S., where HHC is mini-touring with Olympia Washington’s very own hand-clapping-pop band Lake. Stops include Oakland, Arcata, Olympia, Bellingham, Seattle, and of course the Portland Unusual Animals party.  See the dates here, and read more about the party at this news item.

Ok. Cue dramatic John Williams travel music and chart another line from there to the Seven Inch Project, where HHC has created a wonderful and rare artifact, a six-song, 7" vinyl, complete with gatefold sleeve. The 7" hasn’t transpired yet for wide consumption, but if you wait for a bit (and dodge the swinging axes and poison arrow darts) you can order it here.

Tired?  HHC isn’t!  John is covering a medley of WHY? songs for a new WHY? single on Anticon Records due out in November. Visit Anticon’s website often for details.

To Sounds Familyre, HHC heads next, to pen this tale for perusal by the the readers of blogs everywhere. And, yes, his story does involve poison and Scots!

And finally, one last thick red line to home! HHC is adding to the Unusual Animals Vinyl Series here on Asthmatic Kitty with a 7", split right now its vinyl center with the West Coast’s post-angst Ariel Pink. Watch this space for further information.

To be continued . . .!