While the Castanets gear up a major fall tour to promote their new album, In the Vines, they thought they’d knock out a few stops while they’re around. They’ll be playing in Brooklyn, NYC, and Philadelphia during mid-September. See here for dates.

In the meantime, our own in-house remixer Rafter thought he’d remix one of the tracks from the upcoming albums. The result will make you dance even if you don’t want to. Stream it below, or read Paper Thin Walls‘ review here. They gave it a 6.5, but an astute commenter observed that it’s "less one for the brain and more one for the booty." Yep.

And finally, our Official Policy and Position is that we maintain a 100% Spoiler-Free Atmosphere around here. You didn’t see anything about Harry Potter 7 on our site, did you?

But we can’t help but post a photograph found by MySpace member Litten Missa Röd Stöveln. Click more to see the full image. We’ll say nothing else, except that you will see someone actually grow a full beard in season four of Lost.

"Strong Animal," Rafter remix of Castanets