This is it. Sex Death Cassette is flying hot out of the Rafter oven, and landing toasty and delicious on the shelves of your local independent record store and our own online store. Rafter has certainly proliferated his share of music lately, not the least of which includes two albums (10 Songs and Music for Total Chickens), a Song a Week for the last 16 weeks (click here to listen), and more recently, a deliciously talkboxed tune for Pepper Mill Records (here for page, here for MP3).

But here’s the weird thing: this sheer volume has just made Rafter sound better and better, and Sex Death Cassette is the culmination. Paper Thin Walls is hosting a full, free stream of the album alongside Rafter’s commentary if you’d like to hear it for yourself. Click here, and be sure to comment! You can buy it from us for $10 (+S&H) by clicking here.