Photograph by Paraflyer

Lest you think our artists live a rockstar lifestyle consisting of rockstaring and drinking Red Bull all day, you should know that Rafter not only runs his own studio and commercial scoring company, he also is a stay-at-home-dad. Very non-rockstar-ish. That is why it is a rare and special occasion when circumstances permit him and his band to tour, especially since Rafter always shows up with one of the best performances in the biz. But the stars have aligned in the right positions in their sky, the magnetic fields have correctly polarized, and Rafter will be setting forth on a Most Excellent Adventure from his home in San Diego all the way to Brooklyn, with stops on the way that include Phoenix, Austin, Denver, Salem, and Seattle. Seriously guys: Rafter’s show will have you rebooting your booty to keep up. Go. And don’t stop until he does. Dates are here.

PS. Enjoy improvisation? Next month, our token jazz band (as required by the Federal Jazz Requirement Statute of 1983, and by our own good taste) also embarks on a tour far from home to Brooklyn, the Midwest, and Beyond. More later, but for now…details here.