Photo by ajmiller82

Yes, it is cold. This is the worst part of winter, what with the holidays done and gone and the sun all but hidden by the clouds.

Yet, the fair Cryptacize is never one to sit in and mope. Instead, they are looking to the sunny future, when green abounds, baby rabbits start nibbling on that same green, and flowers begin to push their way through the dirt. It is then when Cryptacize, too, will emerge from their snowy hibernation and tour the United States wide. By then, their mysterious and mystical Dig That Treasure will have found its way into the hands of the general and not-so-general public. How coincidental!

And who better to tour with than Anticon Record’s pitter-pattering why? who, coincidentally (!), also have an album due soon! Along the tour, expect visits from Son Lux, Brother Danielson, and Doofgoblin. For a sample of Cryptacize’s future tourmates, why?, click here to download why?’s cover of The Cure’s "Close to Me."

For details of the tour, click here.

Until you catch them live, you can catch them YouTubed, with their first official video: "Cosmic Singalong." Click on more to view!