Photo by tylerdurden1

"In Ruins," the first MP3 single from Fol Chen's second full-length has garnered many kind things across the internet. One reputable blog called it "unexpectedly joyous." 

The whole of Part II: The New December drops June 22nd, but you can preorder it now and be ready for the return of John Shade.

Now, we must admit that we do make use of cellular telephoning. What's more is that we also enjoy the cultural and social identification that emits from that cellphone speaker with each ring.

To that end, we asked the Subcommittee of Audio Protocol to take Part II and turn it into the most usable, functional, poptastic cellphone ringtones you've ever heard. We created two kinds: the audible grade, for when you wish to truly hear your phone ring, and the meeting grade for the more discreet settings.

You can preorder the CD for $10+S&H by clicking here, or the LP for $15+S&H by clicking here.

Download the ringtones here: