Like many people, you may have heard Pepe Deluxé. Perhaps you listened to any one of their first three albums. Or, you may have been in the Luray Caverns in Virginia while tuxedo-ed Paul Malmström of Pepe stepped up to the Stalacpipe Organ – the largest instrument in the world – to record. Or perhaps you heard their music via television, advertising, or movie. Regardless, we are honored to announce that we can provide to you yet another remarkable Pepe Deluxé experience, at a nominal fee.

In January of 2012, in tandem with our similarly feline-monikered Catskills Records in the UK, we’ll be proud to release Queen of the Wave, the fourth full-length from the dapatical duo of Finn Jari Salo and Swede Paul Malmström & Co (“humans,” mostly). When Pepe Deluxé sent the album over the ocean to AK HQ in Lander, Wyoming a few months ago, we were instantly charmed. We started dancing and haven’t stopped since.

If you’re of the few that have never heard Pepe Deluxé, you’re in for a surprise and/or treat. Think cinematic. Think epic. Think space opera going through that slightly creepy tunnel in Willy Wonka’s Candy Factory. Think a massive bubble machine overloading in the Smithsonian. Or better yet, stop thinking and start moving.

Beginning, perhaps, with “The Storm,” an MP3 offered free for stream and download for a limited time. More info on the band is here. Do stop by Pepe Deluxé and say hej.
Pepe Deluxé, “The Storm” by asthmatickitty