Do you break for tangible? Do you have a landline phone? Do you like writing letters – ones  that do not require an "@" symbol or fit on paper, not 140 character limits? (We answered yes to all of the above.) Then you will be mightily interested to know that Sufjan Stevens' All Delighted People EP is now officially in the real world, on Compact Disc and LP. Buy the CD here $8+S&H and the LP – we're talking gatefold here people – for $20+S&H here. And of course you can travel on a real bike or car or bus or sidewalk to your local neighborhood record store. They have real shelves with which to stock real goods. 

Speaking of Sufjan. An up and coming producer going by InfinitRock and coming out of Red Hook, NY – working from Base Trip Records – remixed "All For Myself" from The Age of Adz. The remix is a sleek and stylish piece of work. We hope you enjoy it. If you do, you can download InfinitiRock's most recent album for free here.

“All For Myself” (Remixed by InfinitiRock) (Download)