Think things are quiet on the Half-Handed Cloud front?  We’re about to prove you wrong, with only three fingers. No wait, four fingers!

ONE: John Ringhofer, the brains and brawn behind the band, just drew a gorgeous rendition of the current HHC lineup which you see previewed above. You can click here to see it in all its Flickr glory here.

TWO: Californians, you can stop your letter writing campaign to get HHC to play again in the Golden State. They’ll be playing in the Anticon Records showcase at The Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on May 18, at Swarm Gallery on May 31 and at Mama Buzz on June 10 in Oakland. Hoosiers, begin letter writing campaign!

THREE: Half-Handed Cloud has a new song entitled "Bees Baked a Loaf for Me (or Flour from Flowers?)" on a compilation from Italian record label My Honey.  It’s good! Very beezy! Information to purchase is on their website.

FOUR: We checked our mail the other day and nestled in between the grocery coupons, bills, and flyers for the weekend fish fry was a nice package of 150 copies of Half-Handed Cloud’s limited edition I’m So Sheepy EP! Beautifully crafted and printed by Jonathan Dueck, these 150 discs deserve good homes.  Say, your home looks nice! Buy it here for only $7 plus shipping.