Jonathan Dueck is a good friend of us here at Asthmatic Kitty. We are first and foremost big fans of his work. Most recently he helped bring Hermas Zopoula to our attention, but he’s been doing art and video work for us for a while, as well as a frequent contributor to our Sidebar.
For the last four years Dueck has been creating work that involves “scratch animation” set to music from collaborators Chad VanGaalen, Son Lux, and our own I Heart Lung. The result is nothing short of amazing. And: he’s pretty much done with the 20 film project – the only thing that’s missing is production and distribution.
And that’s where Kickstarter comes in. Used with great success by Chris Schlarb, Kickstarter is a rather terrific way to “crowdsource” financial support for a project. Jonathan is halfway to his $2,600 goal but has only a few weeks left. 
We hope that you’ll at least run by his Kickstarter page, check out the videos, and consider contributing to his project. Pledges of course aren’t just charity – there are benefits too (like actually getting the project in-hand!). You can read an interview on the Kickstarter blog here. Otherwise: read, view, and support Jonathan’s project here. Thanks for doing so!