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February 2nd, 2009

Today: a very welcome barrage of DM Stith content. Immediately above you will see a video of "Pity Dance," from Stith’s forthcoming Heavy Ghost, directed by the accomplished Ryan Jeffrey. Though an installation artist by trade, Jeffrey is no stranger to video, especially having won Microcinema’s Independent Exposure 08. Try watching it in crisp HD right here.

Pity Dance is now available on iTunes for just $1.99, and it also includes a cover of Randy Newman’s "Suzanne." Stith, commenting on the two songs, say they both "sing to one another, both exploring the tension of struggling for strength in intimacy, ‘Suzanne’ from the perspective of the oppressor, ‘Pity Dance,’ from the oppressed; ‘Suzanne’ looking forward, ‘Pity Dance’ looking back." Buy the single here.

No wait, before you go, there’s more. Stith passed through the Daytrotter doors a few weeks ago and we now have proof in digital form. A writeup by Sean Moeller, illustration by Jonnie Cluney, sound engineering by Mike Gentry, and four downloadable mp3s makes for a worthwhile exploration of the sound that is Stith through the lens of Daytrotter. It’s all here.

Heavy Ghost appears March 10th (on LP early April), but you can preorder the CD right now, right here.