Asthmatic Kitty Records


Born To Be A Motorcycle

Catalog: AKR012
Release date: March 5, 2005

Finally, after three years of legendary performances in their home town of San Diego, the amazing Bunky- Emily Joyce, Rafter Roberts, and friends- unleash their debut album, Born to be a Motorcycle.  Motorcycle will surprise even those who think they’ve heard it all; this eclectic collection of weird pop bliss blends punk, art-pop, and ballads with chugging horns, absurdist humor and bulls-eye production by veteran engineers Roberts and Joyce. The result is an album as lively as an armful of eels; Bunky rocks and croons with equal skill, sometimes in the same song. Joined by a cast of San Diego all-stars (members of Rocket from the Crypt, Castanets, Pinback, and others), Bunky blazes from the underground full-grown and ready to burn up the road.