I Heart Lung is playing twice this week. Tonight they’ll be with Mike Watt and Widow Babies at Pehrspace. It’s just $5, or $3 with the purchase of the many album releases being celebrated that night. Doors at 9pm.

Then on Thursday, IHL is playing in Long Beach with jazz legend Cooper-Moore, who is performing in California for the first time in 40 years. They’ll be playing at {open} bookstore, with a suggested donation of $5. Music is at 8pm.

And if you can’t catch them live, IHL’s full-length, Interoceans, is beautifully improvised and almost as good as seeing them live. You can pick it up and listen here for $10.

And/or, you can check out the IHL new video by visual artist, Cristopher Cichocki by clicking more or visiting Pitchfork.tv. If you’d like to do more than just see the video broadcast via internet to your computer screen, you can purchase it on mini-DVD form from video label Table of Contents. They’ve included the video alongside Seth Kasselman’s hypnotic Warm Climate. It’s $8, and details are here.