On August 8th, we will release Awe Owe, the debut album from Helado Negro (aka Roberto C. Lange). Until then, Roberto is keeping us busy trying to catch up.

First there’s the video, above. Directors Chris Keohane and David Ellis shot it with an SLR still camera in Roberto’s Brooklyn apartment under smoldering lights. They composited these with excerpts from Ellis’s Droptet series, and set it all to the cautionary Helado Negro song "Dahum." We think the results are well worth the sweat and work. View the HD version here.

In other "Dahum"-related news, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and Tigerbeat6/Sonig recording artist Nathan Michel has created his own take on the song with this fantastic remix. Check out the Nathan Michel remix of "Dahum" here.

There’s also the mini-album #TuiteroRoto, which literally means "broken tweeter." It also is a way for Roberto to experiment with the limitations of brevity. He is posting an MP3 track of less than 30 seconds via the modern epitome of shortform, Twitter, several times a week until complete.  Follow its construction here on Twitter.

And finally, in collaboration with Brooklyn musician and occasional Yeasayer drummer Jaytram, Roberto has put together "Falling Down," a mixtape designed to turn you onto a feeling as you listen and not just the mixtape’s music. Roberto calls this a "Monday-Friday" mix and requests that you break it up throughout the workweek. Download it by clicking here.

And yes! We have opened up preorders for Awe Owe. Click here for the CD ($10) and here for the LP ($12).