Photo by Kristi Sword

For those of you in the New York area, be sure to catch the debut performance of Helado Negro at the Sycamore on June 12th, featuring Roberto Lange on various instruments and vocals, Nathan Michel on percussion, Isaac Lekach on guitars and vocals, Joe Stickney on drums, and Oliver Chapoy on guitar and bass. Get more info here.

If you are looking for some tunes to kick off your summer lounging we recommend you head over to and grab Roberto Lange’s and Jaytram’s Elastic Island mix. Read and listen here.

Not one to be satisfied by the soundless and at times lifeless 140 characters of the twitter format, Helado Negro has hijacked the twitter-waves to offer up an ongoing series of "musical tweets". #TuiteroRoto is a collection of 30 second soundbites to accent your twitter experience. Be it My Brightest Diamond ticket giveaways, I Heart Lung tour economics, Future Rapper’s…well, whatever it is that Future Rapper does, there are plenty of great reasons to follow our artists as well as the label on the old twitterbox.

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