Our good friends over at Brassland are giving away a song a day, but without good reason: they’re 10 years old!

Back in 2001, Brassland was just a sparkle in the eyes of Alec Hanley Bemis and Bryce and Aaron Dessner. They released records by The National and The Clogs and the rest is history. Watch the above video for a nice recap. It’s a highly accurate re-enactment of the rise of Brassland from haphazard record label to Galactic Overlords Of Quadrant Earth.

Congratulations to Brassland on this fine achievement!  You guys make us all proud to be in the business. Here’s to ten more years of Brassland domination!

There’s just a week left in the celebration though! Go, post-haste, and grab some free tunes at Brassland’s expense. Set your iTunes to play and read a slightly more accurate accounting of Brassland at the Guardian here.