Ok, sure, it’s been a while since Half-handed Cloud released a full-length album. But in this age of alternative distribution methods and so-called "new media," HHC is bravely eschewing the Ringtone n’ MP3 for Vinyl n’ Live.

Via vinyl, HHC just finished up the third in our Unusual Animals vinyl series, taking up one flip of the wax with piano, silvertone guitar, pump organ, trombone, plus snare-drum and floor-tom in a concise two-and-half minute track titled, "Sewing Wind to Fabric."  His friends Bert Hiscock and Nedelle Torrisi (Cryptacize) assisted with this song on cello and violin.  On the other side of the record are grooves that, when played against a specially designed needle, emanate the addictive and confusing Lite FM pop of Ariel Pink, with "Before Today." We are unveiling this little gem in −CH=CH2 form (aka vinyl), complete with cover by illustrator Jared Chapman, here on our website on or around May 20.

As for live: Half-handed Cloud will be touring from home base in California to Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, and then back up to New York. They’re traveling this time around with the Olympia-based musical entourage, Lake. Check out Lake’s MySpace page here, and click here to see the complete HHC/Lake tour. Half-handed Cloud has developed quite a following after years of touring, so make sure you show up early!  "Higher than Merry," Lake