Using the crystal clear, bi-directional technology of the Landline Telephone, Half-Handed Cloud will be performing on WMBR 881.FM‘s Phoning It In: Boston, the Radio Show, on January 11, at 7:30pm EST. For the show, Half-Handed Cloud will employ the soothing voice of John Ringhofer, as well as his esteemed guitar and piano prowess.Though always pathbreaking, John will nevertheless be following in the footsteps of the many esteemed musicians that have appeared on Phone It In, including our very own Castanets.

And just because WMBR is recording the show via telephone, no such device is required for listening! If in the Boston area, a radio (quartz or otherwise) tuned to 88.1FM will suffice. No radio?  No air for radio waves to travel over? No problem! "Tune" your favorite Internet World Wide Web browser here at that same time to hear the performance – live!

Once done live(d?), WMBR will archive the performance here, for the future generations that still have internet access after the ice caps flood all continents but Australia.  

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