Asthmatic Kitty Records

Illustration by Johnnie Cluney

Just when you look the other way, Half-handed Cloud floats into periphery. Led by the brave and bold John Ringhofer, HHC entered Daytrotter’s increasingly infamous studio and played four superbly recorded songs (kudos to engineer Patrick Stolley), all of which are downloadable for free. You can also read Sean Moeller’s musings on HHC, which include this little gem of insight: "Ringhofer’s songs are convergences of faith and pop, the likes of which just aren’t out there. It’s hard to tell whom he loves more – the Lord or Brian Wilson – and in all honesty, it just may be a dead heat."  Read, listen, look here.

And then of course there’s yo-yo, which seems to have an innate draw to HHC; in 2006 Justin Weber performed his work set to HHC at the National Yo-Yo Championship in Chico, California (see it here). More recently, Sid Seed, a Brazillian yo-yo-er recorded this yoyo magic set to HHC:

(Oh yes: bonus interview!)