We are pleased to announce that Half-handed Cloud and Liz Janes (with free-jazz collective Create(!)) will begin a mid-west tour this week.  They will be playing 10 dates including shows with Parker Paul, Scout Niblett, Singleman Affair, Everything Now!, and This Story.  See tour dates for more specifics.
Liz will be touring in support of her recent EP, Liz Janes &
Create(!), which beautifully reinterpreted public domain songs,
delicately but radically recontextualizing these traditionals into
realms of contemplation and experimentation.

Half-handed Cloud will be touring in support of his brand new full-length, Halos & Lassos.  With Omnichord in hand, Half-handed Cloud will be bringing his electro-pop psalms to the midwest and beyond as he continues on after touring with Liz Janes to cover a good portion of the United States.