Grampall Jookabox is now Jookabox. Extensive focus group testing revealed that enjoyment of Grampall Jookabox in the ever-important 18-31 age demographic increases 3.2% when told they’re listening to Jookabox rather than Grampall Jookabox. Not only that, words take up paper and, these days, bandwidth. And those things take up environment. And, in the interest of environment (and focus group testing), David "Moose" Adamson has decided to buckle down and trim his bandname from Grampall Jookabox to Jookabox.

Needless to say, it was not a good Friday afternoon when Moose sat Grampall down and laid him off. But, it has freed up the resources to complete the fifth in the Unusual Animals vinyl series, and a free mixtape. Grampal…er…Jookabox occupies Side A of the 7", and Dosh Side B. Jared Chapman continues illustrating the cover art, this time employing the deceptively unusual Yellow Seahorse. Read details here.

To commemorate this change in ‘tude, Jookabox (now unshackled from the logistical wranglings of Grampall, who never would have approved of such freeness) has provided a free mixtape – 317 Ways. You can download it song by song, or the entire thing, right here.