The new Ropechain from Grampall Jookabox is as interactive an album as one can get. As you listen, you will dance. You will think. You will feel.

But in this day and age, sometimes you need a video game to earn the adjective, "Interactive." So, with the help of Internet Game Genius Tom Deslongchamp, we made one. We call it "Preggers." It’s easy enough: hurdle over babies to get money, then feed them bottles of milk, all set to the folk-stomp-beat of Grampall’s "Girl Ain’t Preggers" (note: this is not the first time "Girl Ain’t Preggers" has starred in a video game, cf. AudioSurf). Play "Preggers" here.

And enjoy! If you enjoy it a lot, you can use this not-so-interactive-but-animated gif, available here, to share the game with your Interactive friends. You can also preorder the CD here for $10 (+S&H), and/or the vinyl here for $12 (+S&H).