By Juliana Paciulli

Last time, on Fol Chen: John Shade made his fortune. Bing & Co built a pyramid, the pyramid, and took the battle to Shade. It all fell apart. The world? In ashes.

And now, on Fol Chen: John Shade is dead.  A mysterious letter. The end of one end, and a beginning on another one. A new chance at a new world. But not one given so easily, things are not so clear as they once were. Long live John Shade.

For the uninitiated, this is Fol Chen. After receiving praise from NPR for their debut, releasing a remix album, recording a BBC Session and a music video with the Laker Girls, Fol Chen has created Part II: The New December. The album shores up the group's slippery identity further still. This is Fol Chen's most focused work – as consistent as it is consuming, as enjoyable as it is unusual. For more info, visit their website here.
On Saturday, Fol Chen begin their tour with Liars, starting in LA and ending in Seattle, before heading off to Europe. Info here

"In Ruins" (Download)