Photo by Stephanie Fenstermaker
 Gaze at the above photograph by Stephanie Fenstermaker. Note the composition, the falling of evening sky on pockmarked pavement. Observe also a certain DM Stith standing in or against the wind, resolute, intrepid. Why the resolution, the intrepidity? DM Stith is now two EPs closer to his goal of world domination.

In November, we will release the second in this set of three EPs: Thanksgiving Moon (apologies to all Canadians in the bunch for whom this EP will arrive two weeks too late). The EP’s centerpiece is, naturally, "Thanksgiving Moon," the seminal song that served as cornucopia for what later become the critically acclaimed full-length debut Heavy Ghost. Other highlights include a rendition of "Pigs" that employs Bloomington, Indiana’s Jefferson Street Band, a cover of David Bryne. Michna and our own Rafter remix, and Dayna Kurtz changes the stark "Thanksgiving Moon" into a foggy bike-ride into the darkness of a rainy NYC. Read about the album here, or listen to "Pigs" below.

One month later the third EP, Braid of Voices, will arrive. On this, Stith covers anti-folkster Diane Cluck, while Bibio, Ensemble, and Clark take turns remixing (and doing fine jobs each). And on "Wig," Stith wraps up the EP with a little help from friends and the free-jazz duo I Heart Lung. Details for this one are here. (You’d do yourself a favor if you watch the Armel Hosiou-directed video for the album version of "BMB" here. In a word or two: terrifying and beautiful.)

"Pigs (feat. Jefferson St. Band)" (Download)