Asthmatic Kitty Records

Illustrated by Johnnie Cluney

Cryptacize. The name conjures Halloween-esque themes: crypts, crypticness, and cizes. It must be for this reason that Daytrotter (one of our very, very favorite Internet Websites out there) chose to post a remarkable and thorough write-up of the tricky trio.

"It’s an easy thing to remain calm, cool and collected throughout the listening of these songs," writes Sean Moeller, "but there comes a time when the reflections start to happen and you see what Cryptacize has just done to you and you’ve being given an opportunity to cast off into some serpentine waters."

Not only does Daytrotter write and illustrate about Cryptacize, but somehow they coerced four unreleased songs out of Cryptacize’s goody bag. One’s about a witch! Go, listen, read, look here!

We all know though that MP3s do not convey the entirety of good music. That’s why Cryptacize is beginning a "tour," something like an MP3, but live, as in, in real life. And they’re performing this magic of de-digitiziation with the very Masters of The De-digital: Danielson. See tourdates here.