Photo by John Ringhofer

There are four evenings between Thursday and Monday, and for all four Cryptacize will be playing somewhere near you if you live on the upper West Coast. Thursday: Portland, Friday: Seattle, Saturday: Vancouver, and Sunday: Eugene. They’re playing with a new band or set of bands each night, so if you were inclined to follow them from show to show you’d get a good quickfire representation of the state of west coast pop-rock. See details of the tour here.

We can use your help spreading the word about these shows as well as getting the word out about their June tour in which they will be covering most of the United States.  Here are two very practical ways in which you can help us.  Click here for a PDF of a handy 8.5×11 black and white you can print out and take to all your local community bulletin board hotspots.

You can also email us at wordofmouth at asthmatickitty dot com and let us know you would like to help and how you can help and we will arm you with some promotional goodies.  Thanks!