Photo by Denny Renshaw
Since the release of Dig That Treasure, Cryptacize have toured the US three times, as well as England and Scandinavia, opening for bands like Why?, Danielson, Shearwater, Ponytail, Magik Markers, Marnie Stern, The Blow, and Mirah. And admidst all of this touring they managed to take time to not only write but record an outstanding sophmore release. An unlikely synthesis of musical styles, Cryptacize’s new album, Mythomania, is an album not quite like any other. Recorded by Cryptacize in a cabin near Yosemite National Park over the summer of 2008, Mythomania will be released on April 21st on Asthmatic Kitty.
Mythomania is a revelation by anyone’s measure. The playing shows a new level of confidence and intent, as well as an artful sense of timing – it’s the sound of a band that’s found themselves and is growing by leaps and bounds. The music is thicker and more continuous; in addition to autoharp, guitars and drums there are now electric basses, keyboards, piano, even found or purely electronic sounds. And yet the same sense of space and suspense which guided 2008’s Dig That Treasure is instantly recognizable on Mythomania. Nedelle Torrisi’s surefooted and richly nuanced vocal arabesques, like a modern day Freddie Mercury or Ronnie Spector, strangely complement Chris Cohen’s guitar, maniacally sped-up a la Les Paul or staccato and funny like Roy Smeck or Adolph Jacobs of the Coasters. Michael Carreira’s syncopated drum corps rudiments and pit-orchestra rave-ups propel the songs with a refreshingly buoyant touch that never lapses into rock music cliches.

Read more here, or listen for yourself to a sneak peek of Mythomania, courtesy of C. Spencer Yeh (of Burning Star Core) who has collaged and distilled the album into a mini-Mythomania.

  "Mini-Mythomania (Remix by C Spencer Yeh)" (Download)